Tap into the essence of You,
using your built in Guidance System.

Tap into the Essence of You without using med beds, surgery, or medications

The best technology ever built was by nature itself, and your body is made of that natural, biological world we call earth.  That means you have a piece of that creative power within you.

The inner pathways that lead to this creative power is like a house plant that needs attention. Most of us have put that creative power in a corner with just enough sunlight and water to survive.  THIS is a watering hole to feed that inner world.

Step back and think on that for a moment. What feeling is being stimulated? 

Perhaps its time to work with people who are all sharpening their 12+ senses. With people who have already been on the ‘Happiness’ retreats, came back, and had the effects wear off in 3 months or less!

Welcome to a spiritual, soulful space that is both energetic and physical in nature that hosts, teaches, explores with those who are willing to pull on every thread, to scratch the itch, and clear off their lenses to see life and interact with the energy available to create the life of your dreams.

Your Guide on this Journey

Amanda K Jackson

”I work soul to soul,  creating spaces for individuals that are safe and fun to align with their soul desire.”

Amanda is E-RYT 200 and R-PYT teaching Vinyasa, Prenatal, and Gentle Yoga at her studio space BlueSky Yoga in Yorktown, Virginia ,as well as, creating workshops and individual sessions that guide clients to wholeness. Her international training and ‘I can and I will’ energy gives a tailored just for you experience. In other words you go deep fast, supports are put in place to help you guide yourself back to shore!

Her training goes well beyond Yoga, a Spiritual Educator, loves researching and exploring ancient teaching, Astrology, Human Design, and so much more . She is well trained in the school of life with tons of lived experience!  An entrepreneur, a former oyster farmer, and website developer, she has worked with a wide variety of personality and situation types.  it is from these experiences that Amanda offers 1:1 Intuitive Coaching session and teaches others to know their unique spiritual blueprint so they move forward in life authentically.

“Take a moment to ask yourself, have I honestly pulled every thread offered to me by the energy of life?

I am willing to bet, not. And the result being the energy of life gives that opportunity to someone else.  Every retreat you have been on to find happiness did bring clarity, but it was fleeting because you didn’t integrate the energy into your life.  The shit came up and you glossed over the very thing that would have changed your trajectory.

I feel it is time to sharpen those senses! When strong emotions come up, step back, and observe. Enter into a dialog with the very thing you have been told to shove down, put away, and ignore.  YOUR FEELINGS!

Ask, What is this feeling and what happened to you.  When you ask yourself these questions instead of going off on the people around you the best thing happens. You turn on your INNER GUIDANCE system and entrain with the essence of you.   This allows the essence of you to integrate with the emotions, feelings, and strong sensations.”



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