nine month journey to


About this Endeavor

Do you have an idea, an experience, a way of being, a dream in your mind and in your heart (your thing), but are having a difficult time bringing it to life? Yet the path seems covered in obstacles and blocks. These monkey wrenches are may unknowingly be of our own making, you may need to reevaluate, or perhaps you are right on track.  The trick can be discerning the difference.

Simply by understanding and re-aligning these blocks you activate your keen discernment. You may ask, how does that happen…

Going through this process of Soul Alignment means you are auditing and understanding how Your energy works.  Experiencing Personal Growth Through this discovery and continuity over 9 months, Spirit works with you to get on path. Executing on that thing that you really want and following your bliss becomes a no brain-er because you are being lead by your inner compass.

That’s what this nine months is all about. We are gonna go through a creative process of conception, growth, and birth of yourself using your inner compass. Get to know yourself in a safe environment and understand your strengths and weaknesses so you can move forward with ease in life.

  • 9 Monthly 1-on-1 In-Person or Virtual 60min Personal Discovery appointments, book the first one when you signup!
  • 3 Courses to develop your discernment and intuitive nature through the process of regrouping your energy
  • At home weekly Yoga practice to sharpen your senses so you can get to know how your energy works
  • 12 Powerful Techniques to expand and develop your spiritual awareness
  • Bring your soul to life in this nine months with a plan to move forward
  • Walk the path of YOUR creation process to a new way of being, from Initiation to Manifestation!

Your Guide on this Journey

Amanda K Jackson

”I work soul to soul,  creating spaces for individuals that are safe and fun to align with their soul desire.”

Amanda is E-RYT 200 and RPYT teaching Vinyasa, Prenatal, and Gentle Yoga at her studio space BlueSky Yoga in Yorktown, Virginia ,as well as, creating workshops and individual sessions that guide clients to wholeness. Her international training and ‘I can and I will’ energy gives all her classes and sessions a tailored just for you experience. In other words you go deep fast, supports are put in place to help you guide yourself back to shore!

Her training goes well beyond Yoga, a Spiritual Educator, loves researching and exploring Shamanic Astrology, and in the Gene Keys with Richard Rudd a long time student of Human Design. She is also well trained into the heart of Spiritual Matters with lived experience!  An entrepreneur, a former oyster farmer, and website developer, she has worked with a wide variety of personality and situation types.  it is from these experiences that Amanda offers 1-on-1 Intuitive Coaching session and teaches others to know their unique spiritual blueprint so they move forward in life authentically.

I wasn’t sure what to expect


"I went in with a curious and open mind, and I left feeling calm and confident."


“I knew myself and my path better. It was wild how … at home with myself.”


"She teaches you techniques to center yourself & tap into your higher being."

How to Participate

You will schedule your monthly 1:1 meeting virtually or in person at a time that works for your schedule. After registration you will receive an email to schedule the first of 9 appointments and the link to the weekly yoga class live Wednesdays 3:30pm (recording sent out on Thursdays).

Participate in 3 group courses over the 9 month period, each course is educational and designed to organize your energy as you move though this soul alignment journey. Below are the themes you will move through each month.

Month one to Month nine overview:

  1. Initiation of your Dream 1:1 meeting
  2. You are On the Journey 1:1 meeting
  3. Be Loyal to Yourself 1:1 meeting & COURSE #1
  4. Cultivate All your Senses 1:1 meeting
  5. Being in Action! 1:1 meeting
  6. Integration 1:1 meeting & COURSE #2
  7. Breakthrough Challenges 1:1 meeting
  8. Decisions to be made 1:1 meeting
  9. Magnetize the Future 1:1 meeting & COURSE #3

One Time Payment

Pay in full for the 9 month experience of exploration of you and your energy! Join this personal exploration for $693!

Monthly Payments

Need an option that works with a budget, choose to setup nine auto debits for $99/month!

call/text: (757) 570-2957